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Innovative Healthcare Technology Solutions in Memphis, TN

The world of medicine is constantly evolving, making disease prevention and treatments more accessible to patients. To give your patients the best possible care, investing in new telemedicine equipment and similar innovative tech is essential.

At Network Data Source, we have more than 40 years of experience in providing a wide range of products and services to make medicine more accessible for patients and easier for doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. We are proud to partner with the world’s leading technology solutions providers to bring our customers solutions for:

Helping You Expand Your Practice

Adopting new healthcare technology solutions in Memphis, TN, isn’t about having all the flashy new equipment--it’s about helping you expand and adapt in the ever-changing healthcare industry. At our company, we spend a lot of time researching the most effective IT services and products in the industry. This gives us the immense product knowledge necessary to make recommendations about which solutions will best meet your needs.

By taking advantage of emerging telemedicine products, you can serve patients that may not be able to make it to the office, as well as respond more quickly to emergencies. Let us assist you by providing end-to-end solutions to meet your budget and the needs of your staff and patients.

Products & Services for Medical Staff & Their Patients

We offer a diverse range of products and services. While some may not be appropriate for your practice or the medical services you offer, our inventory includes something for virtually every area of the medical industry. We’re happy to give you more information about our:

To ensure you’re getting the quality healthcare technology solutions you want, we offer purchase, lease, and trade-in packages on our products. To get started, talk to our team about your practice. We’ll discuss the products and services that help your patients heal from and prevent illnesses, and those that make work easier and more efficient for your staff.

Contact us today to learn more about our healthcare IT products and services. We proudly serve customers in Memphis, Tennessee, and the surrounding communities.